A Detailed Example Of A Research Paper About Failing Grades

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Sample: Failing Grades amongst Learners in Arid Regions

Learning is one of the basic foundations of all human beings. This is particularly needed for their development and on a larger scale for the development of human resources for a country. Therefore, failing grades is not usually a good sign in many aspects. It creates fear especially in areas where a lot of hope is pegged on the performance of those going through education at the moment. The failure realized in arid areas and grade retention is always a big issue among the learners and their parents.

The patterns of failing grades in school have always been a subject of study in many parts of the world. The basic objective of conducting such a study is to evaluate the psychological, social, health and school related factors that contribute to this failure in learning institutions. It has been found out that health and psychological related conditions are the main causes of failing grades among learners in arid regions. The lack of basic social amenities and harsh living conditions impact the learning efforts of children in a negative way.

The development of children through learning requires a stable environment that supports their social, psychological and health welfare. A good health condition is needed for learning. The absence of such renders a learner unproductive and consequently fails in exams. This is the only way the intellectual ability of a student can be measured. Therefore, this situation can be managed by taking care of these life aspects.

As you write your paper, engage your reader from the start, throughout the body up to the end. Make sure that you have your facts right and make sound arguments backed up by good research and citations where needed. It is important to credit every reference used in the development and writing of your assignment.

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