A Thought-Provoking Example Of A Research Paper About Bullying

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Sample: Why bullying is rampant in colleges

In college, some students like taking advantage of others by mistreating them hence hurting their emotions and bodies on the extreme part of it. This is a brief explanation of what bullying is all about. It is a problem that is common in colleges and has been in existence over the years. This vice has been caused by a number of things especially when the abuser has had an added advantage over the victim. Those who made it to the college earlier than others tend to have an upper hand when it comes to knowing about life in the institution. The newcomers hence fall prey to such.

Life in higher institutions is usually tricky for people who don’t believe in themselves. If a new student gets paranoid over everything that goes around in college, he or she will easily become a target for bullies. Everyone goes to college with their opinions and express them freely without reserve. At this age, students are usually very argumentative and if someone is not able to control their emotions, they may end up bullying a participant in a discussion especially when they out–shine them.

At college, students are introduced to a new way of life. It is kind of freer for them than in the elementary school. Even though there are rules to be followed, they feel that the regulating authorities are not that close to them. Hence, students can resort to mistreating their friends in class or out in the play field. This usually happens through a harsh-exchange of words or physical beating. Ideally, freedom at the college and age factors have contributed to much of the bullying that has been taking place in these institutions.

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