A Good Example Of A Research Paper About Poverty

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Sample: Alleviating Poverty in Developing Countries through Good Governance

Poverty represents lack and there definitely are many people around the globe who are suffering from this problem. Thousands of families are not able to meet basic needs and it has over the years become a humiliating affair to them. All those who are seeking for help in one way or another have been put in such a situation by poverty. Some of the reasons for poverty are man-made and can be alleviated. Poverty levels around the world can be alleviated when there is commitment to do so.

One of the best agencies for change in areas affected by poverty is the government. The governing authority has a responsibility to address the welfare of its populace and through well laid out systems and structures, the people of the land can pick up themselves from the dust. With good infrastructural facilities, individuals can boost their income levels by engaging in trade effectively.

Secondly, the government can participate in addressing this issue by educating its people. Information is power and when people have knowledge of how to turn the opportunities they have into money, that would go a long way into addressing the issue of poverty in their midst. The ruling government has a major contribution towards the confrontation of poverty levels in the society in which we live. Therefore, it is very important for leaders to do their part before the masses can get down to implementing what has been put in place for their common good.

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