A Quality Sample Of A Research Paper About Global Warming

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Global warming is a Human Cause

Life for human beings on planet earth has been sustained by the nature that lives in it. As humans start to exploit the natural resources existing in it, the initial balance needed for the sustenance of human life starts to get off. Today, some of the land that was initially productive has now been turned into a desert due to human activities. This has led to an effect known as global warming that has affected the natural way of growing things on this planet.

Basically, global warming is a term used to define the increased average temperatures on the surface of the earth. This condition has been caused due to the over-emission of greenhouse gases such as nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide among others. The over production of greenhouse gases comes due to uncontrolled industrialization in a given region. When humans continue exploiting resources without mitigating its effects, there will be an increased release of these gases into the atmosphere. In that case, there will be increased temperatures in the atmosphere that will affect normal rain patterns and precipitation on the earth’s surface.

In order to do cultivation, human beings have cleared a lot of forests and vegetation to create room for it. In most cases, the cleared vegetation that is responsible for attracting rainfall is not replaced. In the end, the place begins to become a waste land. There is less of oxygen released into the atmosphere because there is little or no vegetation to support this process. The presence of greenhouse gases alone becomes a huge problem on the surface of the earth.

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