Thought-Provoking Research Paper Topics In Social Studies

The determining factor that decides whether a research paper is going to be hard or easy, fun or boring, smooth or filled with obstructions, is the topic on which the paper is being written. It is thus very important that you wisely choose the topic of your paper.

A professional on research papers can easily tell you which topic is the best for you. It is the one that not too many are doing because otherwise the topic will get boring to the teacher, the one that is innovative and allows the student to express his or her own opinions.

Economic topics

Some topics in economics that students can work on in social studies are:

  • Your own opinion on the global fuel crisis, and what according to you is the best long-term solution for it.
  • Tribal communities and their role in mainstream society. Do you think they should maintain their original culture or be compelled to integrate?
  • How do you think the international social structure is affected by the trade relations of the superpowers? This is a relatively tough topic and is very nuanced, which is why it is advisable that you buy research papers online if this is your chosen topic.

Scientific topics

We have all thought just how great would it be if somebody could “write my research paper for me”? However, the following topics are so interesting that they might just make you re-think that wish:

  • Western education and its impact on oriental and tribal communities throughout the ages, in terms of medicine, food, and general health.
  • Inbreeding: Medically, it is deemed a bad practice, but should communities be allowed to practice them in order to retain their culture?
  • Science being used to fuel social discrimination, with reference to genealogy for race, the order of nature for sexuality, and the like.

Social topics

Here are some more interesting topics to base your paper on:

  • Cultures of protest through the ages: civil rights movement, feminist movement, the fight against sexual discrimination against the LGBTQA community.
  • There are quite a few college research papers for sale on the topic of kinship and marriage in communities across the world. These are very popular topics, which are highly nuanced and you will have a lot to write about them.
  • Food habits in the developing country vs. those in developed ones. Why is meat more common in the former whereas veganism continues to rise amongst the latter ones.

Political topics

In light of the recent times, political turmoil seems to be on everyone’s minds, which makes it an extremely relevant sphere to base your research on. As North Korea and the U.S. threaten each other with nuclear Armageddon, what is your opinion of it? Is it going to be just another cold war or is it actually going to happen?

You can buy custom research paper on these topics, as well as what U.S.A.’s current conflict with Mexico will mean for people on either side of the border. The unipolar world that exists in current times serves as a host of interesting social studies topics.

Topics on nature

Nature is just as important a cause as any other in determining the social landscape of a particular region. In recent times, there have been floods and hurricanes across the U.S. You can purchase custom research paper on how these have affected the social lives of the people in these regions, as well as the uproar caused by the Trump administrations inability to deal with these crises effectively.

Of course, tribal communities are more at one with nature, so you will get a host of unwritten information on these communities that you can use for your paper.

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